Some “Thing” in our Class


If was Thursday evening, and I still had my last class. It was 09.00 Pm and the other staff has leaved the campus. It was only me and my students.

That night everyone has to presenting their paper. When we were on the middle of presentation, “KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, SREETT” suddenly the door was opened. In my head I thought that someone came late to the class. My eyes and all of the student’s eyes were focused to the door, everyone was in silence,, when tick,, tock,, tick,, tock,,,, after couples of seconds left, we all then realized that there was no one came into the class. WHAT???? Yeah the door was opened, and no one was entering the class,, the worse thing, is that we all heard someone was knocking the door. For information, our door has a big glass on it, so if someone walked bye the door, we all could see it.

For a moment we all just looked at each other,, no one said a word. And as you thought, the class then was Chaos… “Oh Man,, who the hell is knocking the door?”

I was the person who sat nearest the door, so I would be the first man who noticed when someone was entering the class or even walked by the door. It was just out of our mind. And for me, it was the second time I had a weird and scary moment on campus. And you know it’s always happen whenever I have finished listen to Sarasvati song called “Gloomy Sunday”


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  1. seremmm bingitsss tapi pd kaburkah all student…..

  2. Hahhaha jadi ingat masa masa dulu banyak yang aneh namun menyenaanggkan.

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